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Spotted Thick Knee in Pen and Ink

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  • Spotted Thick Knee in Pen and Ink

    • how to draw thick knee bird pen and ink

      The Spotted Thick-knee is of the Curlew family and is also called the Spotted Cape Dikkop. About 6 years ago we had a few of them patrolling our street at night. I took this photograph of them at the nest on my late father-in-laws farm many years ago long before the advent of coloured photography. Digital photography was not even thought of then!

      As I only had a 135mm lens on my 35mm camera I had to make do with an improvised hide by me lying flat on my stomach covered by a blanket - and staying motionless, "for ages", before they ventured back to the nest.

      In this Lesson you will learn:
      1.   How to show depth - tonal perspective
      2.   How to draw feathers "you cannot see"
      3.   How to simplify the foreground
      4.   How to add subtle shading.


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