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Simplifying a Scene

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  • Simplifying a Scene

    • how to simplify a scene watercolour

      Part 3 of our Free Watercolor Painting Course by Dennis Clark.

      In this art webinar you will learn all about :

      1) How to simplify the scene before you start painting
      2) How to translate that simplified scene into a completed painting
      3) A practical watercolor painting demonstration using a photograph of a landscape. The landscape includes a building - one of the things that artists struggle the most with.

      As part of the “How to simplify a painting” lesson you will also get access to download the next 14 pages of comprehensive pdf manual  which forms part of the How to become a master artists course.

      In this lesson you will learn:
      1.    How to simplify a painting
      2.    How to find positive and negative spaces
      3.    How to resolve colour perspective
      4.    How to use a program like Fotosketcher
      5.    Examples: Highly detailed objects right through to almost abstract
      6.    Importance of lost and found edges
      7.    And heaps more...

      At the end of this lesson you will be able to paint a simplified yet beautiful garden scene painting just like the professionals do.

      Some of the simplifying painting questions Dennis answered were:
      1.    How to mix the right colours
      2.    How to simply details
      3.    How to add life to your painting
      4.    And heaps more...

      If you like many others before you have always wished you could learn the secrets to painting with watercolours like a professional then this is your opportunity to learn how to do just that in the comfort of your own home!

      Never attended one of our classes before? Then take a look at what others are saying about this class:
      C.Bodine – “loved the lesson.”
      Olivia power – “thoroughly enjoyed this class”
      Lillian  – “that was a great class”

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