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Sell Your Art Course

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  • Sell Your Art Course

    • As an artist you have a huge advantage over pretty much every other hobby - you have the ability to sell the artworks you create for hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars.

      If you wanted to you can even turn your hobby into a business - we have.

      This course is designed to show you how to make as much money as you want by selling your paintings and drawings.

      This comprehensive course opens over 13 weeks - but you can follow it at your own pace.

      You will start off by learning the basics of what it takes to create artworks that people actually want to buy. From here you will learn how to progressively sell more and more artworks by opening up the numerous income streams available to you.

      You then decide how far you want to take your sales - you may decide to just sell on the sideline for some extra cash to supplement the budget, or you may decide to become a full time professional artist.

      The choice is yours - the course will teach you how to do both and everything in between.

      Here is a breakdown of what you will learn:

      Week 1 (Instant) - Learn about the 3 sides of triangle and what you need to do to your artworks so people want to buy them

      Week 2 - Learn the tricks of the trade used by professional artists to create their artworks quicker

      Week 3 - Learn how to price your artworks correctly

      Week 4 - This week you will set realistic goals for yourself

      Week 5 - This week selling starts in earnest as you learn how to sell from home and to friends and family

      Week 6 - Learn how to promote your artworks on social media

      Week 7 - You will set up your own website this week

      Week 8 - Learn how to sell your artworks through other websites

      Week 9 - Now that you are selling it is time to learn how to run your art business

      Week 10 - Learn how to sell your artworks at craft markets

      Week 11 - This week you will learn how to arrange your own exhibition

      Week 12 - Now it is time to learn how to get your artworks into galleries

      Week 13 - We finish off the course by learning how to earn a recurring income from your artworks so you can even earn money while you sleep.

      Each week you will get:

      1) Class video
      2) Question and Answer video
      3) Downloadable pdf manual(s)

      You will also get access to download checklists, todo lists, spreadsheets and mind maps where required to ensure you remain organised.

      This course is so comprehensive that it took over a year to create.

      In total you will get over 21 hours worth of video and over 500 pages worth of handouts.

      All you need to do is sell one artwork and the cost of the course will be recovered.

      Join us on the course today.

      Remember that even though the course unlocks over 13 weeks, there is no need to keep up. You can follow the course at your own pace. Once the course has unlocked you will have access to watch the videos as often as you want, so it will remain a constant companion helping you along the way.

      Bonus - Free Lifetime Updates & Upgrades on the course.

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