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Rule of Thirds - Composition

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  • Rule of Thirds - Composition

    • rules of composition in painting

      Suitable for beginners to advanced artists.

      The rule of thirds and other secrets for perfect painting composition are revealed step by step in this class on composition.

      After completion of this class you will be able to compose paintings that are pleasing to the eye. You will never again place objects in the wrong position on the painting, know how to choose subjects and get the perfect depth for your painting, making it look alive.

      Instantly unlock this one hour class (recorded live on Paint Basket TV), to follow from the comfort of your own home. Your tutor, Nolan Clark, not only explains and demonstrats all the concepts and techniques required for composition in easy to follow step by step manner, but also answered questions and give feedback along the way.

      As part of the “Rule of Thirds - Composition” class you will also get access to download a comprehensive 20 page presentation of:
      1.    Choosing your subject
      2.    Primary focal point
      3.    Secondary focal point
      4.    Creating the illusion of dept in your painting
      5.    Types of compositions
      6.    Practical examples

      By the end of this class you will be able to know how to compose paintings like a professional and understand what types of compositions works and what does not.
      Some of the composition questions Nolan answered were:
      1.    Why paintings need bright lights and dark shadows
      2.    How to complete an oil painting that has been standing for some time
      3.    Why can’t we place an object anywhere in the painting
      4.    How to draw your eye into a painting
      5.    How to tell a story with a still life

      In this comprehensive composition class you will learn:
      1.    What makes a good painting
      2.    Telling a story in your paintings
      3.    Primary and Secondary Focal points
      4.    How to create the illusion of depth in your paintings
      5.    Different techniques used to compose a painting so that the painting will be pleasing to look at.
      6.    How to keep the viewers eye in your painting

      If you have always wished you could learn the secrets of how to compose your paintings like a professional then this is your opportunity to learn how to do just that in the comfort of your own home!

      Take a look at what others are saying about this class:
      Nina – “I will recommend this to anyone.”
      DrawNPaint – “Thank you very much this class is surely going to change things for me.”
      Maryna – “A great class will never go wrong with placements of the thirds and focal points again.”

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