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Perspective in Buildings

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  • Perspective in Buildings

    • perspective

      Pen and Ink illustration lends itself very well to architecture as well as to other subjects. From a request by some students I have prepared this lesson which I hope will assist for future work. Although this subject can be highly involved, we will only be looking at the very basics (which many still struggle with) - enough to get our drawings at least looking optically correct.

      NOTE: This lesson is not just for pen and ink. It is applicable to ALL section of the arts.
      This is a very important subject. It will ease a lot of frustration.

      It is only in the pen and ink section as the question was first raised here

      In this Lesson we will learn how to:

      1.  Know how we look at things through the eyes
      2.  Use 1, 2 and 3-point perspectives
      3.  Use vanishing points
      4.  Work with vanishing points that fall outside the drawing area
      5.  Tricks you can use, and much more

      NOTE: There will not be any drawing as such in this lesson. It will be by way of explanations with sketches (demonstration). Have a couple of typing paper sheets handy if you want to follow with me. There is nothing better than a practical exercise.

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