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Painting Still Life in Oil Series

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  • Painting Still Life in Oil Series

    • still life painting course in oil

      Join Nolan on a journey to learn how to paint still life studies like the old masters used to.

      In this 8 part series you will learn how to :

      1) How to choose the objects for an interesting still life;
      2) How to compose your still life paintings so they are pleasing to look at;
      3) How to light your still life correctly;
      4) How to make your own inexpensive light box;
      5) how to paint shiny metallic surfaces so that they look like they have just been polished;
      6) paint objects like cutting boards, wooden bowls and polished wooden tables;
      7) How to paint realistic looking folds in fabric;

      We will then complete an entire still life, from composition to completion.

      If you have always wanted to paint realistic still life paintings like an old master then this 8 part course is a must follow.

      The entire course consists of 8 two hour classes where Nolan not only demonstrates the techniques and paintings stroke for stroke, but also the theory and thinking required in order the execute your own still life paintings afterwards.

      In all there are 8 two hour video classes which you can watch as often as you like plus a downloadable 250 page step by step pdf manual.

      Below you can see the paintings you will complete during the course :



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