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Painting Snow

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  • Painting Snow

    • how to paint snow oil

      There is something magical about watching the snow falling peacefully down to earth. You can hear the excitement in the kids voices as they rush outside to build the first snowman of the season. You watch as the landscape beyond gradually changes to a sparkling monotone wonderland and silently wish to yourself that you could capture this moment on canvas.

      In this live class replay you will learn how to do just that as we will be painting snow this week.

      Learn how to create depth in a monotone scene
      How to capture the light sparking off the snow
      How to paint footsteps in the snow
      and much more

      Watch and paint along as Nolan shows you all the techniques required to paint beautiful snowscapes.

      This is the painting you will complete during the class :

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$9.00 US$6
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