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Painting Equipment

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  • Painting Equipment

    • oil paint equipment

      Suitable for beginner artists.

      The equipment that is used for oil painting is explained in this art class.

      After viewing this class you will be able to select all the necessary equipment that is needed to start painting in oils. You will learn about the different brushes and heaps more.

      Instantly unlock this 50 minute class (recorded live on Paint Basket TV), to follow from the comfort of your own home. Your tutor, Nolan Clark, will not only explain and demonstrate everything what is needed to set yourself up as an oil painting artist in this easy to follow step by step manner, but Nolan also answered questions during the live class.

      Some of the questions Nolan answered were:
      1.    What types of brushes you get.
      2.    Why paints have different grades.
      3.    How to clean your brushes.

      As part of the “Equipment” class you will also get access to download a reference list of all the art supplies that are needed, this includes a budget list as well as a ‘nice to have’ list.

      In this great equipment for oils course you will learn:
      1.    What brushes to buy and what brushes not to buy
      2.    How paints are made and what paints to buy for oils painting
      3.    Why we don not use turpentine to thin our paints
      4.    Plus all the other equipment you will need in order to paint in oils.

      If you have always dreamed of painting in oils but never knew which paints and brushes to buy, then this class is just what you have been looking for. Take a look at what others are saying about this class:
      newbie – “The lesson on what equipment was wonderful, I know now exactly where to start and how to care for my equipment.”
      Maryna – “As an aspiring artist I had no clue where to start, this class clarified everything for me.”

      Learn what basic equipment is required for you to get started with oil painting today!

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