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Painting Animals in a Landscape

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  • Painting Animals in a Landscape

    • how to paint animals in distance landscape acrylic

      We are often faced with a situation where we are painting a landscape that is absolutely stunning except for one thing. It lacks life. We know that adding a cow or a few sheep in the distance will help to add that missing component to the scene, but how do we paint them in?

      In this online art class we will learn :
      1) How to use photos to add animals into a scene
      2) How to group the animals so they look natural
      3) Double the chance of your painting selling by using one simple trick
      4) how to paint animals at various distances into the painting
      5) and more...

      Learn how easy it is to add life to any landscape painting by adding a few animals in the distance.

      When you book this online art class you will get access to the class video to watch the replay as often as you like as well as access to download an invaluable set of step by step pdf notes.

      Here is the painting we will complete in class:

      painting animals in a landscape

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