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Introduction to Pen and Ink

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  • Introduction to Pen and Ink

    • introduction to pen and ink

      Pen and Ink drawings have existed for thousands of years. The first printed books used  woodcuts and line drawings in the original presses and lithographs. Colour print came centuries later. Pen and ink drawings, properly executed, have a vibrancy of their own.

      The traditional method is by means of an old fashioned steel nib in a holder and Black Indian Waterproof Ink. Some artists used a quill or a pointed stick for various effects. Today there are a variety of different pens and sizes to choose from.There are also the disposable fibre-tipped pens that do not require an  ink well at all. Some nibs have a detachable reservoir that allow one to work for quite a long while before refilling.

      There are numerous techniques that allow for different styles of representation. This is what make pen and ink work so fascinating to work with.

      In this lesson we will explore a few of these techniques – enough to allow us to produce excellent drawings. Extra techniques will be added as we progress in the lessons. DON'T skip or quickly brush over these exercises as they are very crucial to you if you want to produce professional masterpieces. There more you practice the more proficient you become – period.

      What you are going to Learn:
       1. the basic vertical strokes
       2. the basic diagonal strokes
       3. the basic horizontal strokes\
       4. the various combinations of the above strokes, and more
       5. how to put this all together in various sketches 
       6. And, O yes, don't forget the practice sheets! 

      I invite you to join me in this exciting journey into the art of pen and ink drawing!

      These are the drawings you will complete in this class:

      how to draw in pen and ink - introduction

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