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Intro to Watercolour Painting

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  • Intro to Watercolour Painting

    • how to paint cosmos watercolour

      Part 1 of our Free Watercolor Painting Course by Dennis Clark.

      In this art webinar you will learn all about :

      1) Introduction to Watercolour
      2) Importance of Drawing Skills
      3) Basic Sketches of Cosmos Flowers
      4) Wet-in wet Technique
      5) Practical = Painting a Bunch of Cosmos flowers

      As part of the “Introduction on How to become a master artist” course you will also get access to download a 24 page introduction pdf manual as well as a 12 page manual on painting Cosmos flowers both of which form part of the How to become a master artist course :

      1.    The craft of drawing
      2.    Tonal ranges
      3.    Details in painting
      4.    Composition
      5.    Know your colours
      6.    Get to grip with shapes and forms
      7.    Different support materials
      8.    Cosmos shapes
      9.    How to transfer the template to the paper
      10.  Heaps of reference material – there are many images, reference photos and as showcase of some of Dennis paintings.
      11.    And heaps more...

      Some of the students questions Dennis answered during this class :
      1.    How to draw cosmos
      2.    How to use masking fluid the right way
      3.    How to speed up the drying process
      4.    And heaps more...

      Never attended one of our classes before? Then take a look at what others are saying:
      C.Bodine – “Great class”
      Lillian – “marvellous job.”
      Musika – “great lesson”
      Eftpower1 – “can’t wait for the next class”

      Dont wait any longer to learn how to paint in watercolour, you can start right away by unlocking this FREE class now.

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