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How to sketch a golden eagle in pen and ink

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  • How to sketch a golden eagle in pen and ink

    • how to draw eagle pen and ink

      These, as well as other birds of prey, have always fascinated people for thousands of years. They always have that majestic posture as well as having mastery of the wing; being able to wing their way into the heavens with absolute ease.

      The eagles also have the sharpest of eyes which are said to be 4 to 8 times sharper than a human's eye. The internal shape of the eyeball is much different to our eyes and because of this, they say that the eagles are able to spot a rabbit at a distance of 3.5 km (2 miles) - very impressive, I would say! The protruding eyebrow tends to give it a very fierce look but it actually acts, among others, as a sun visor.

      The term "eagle-eyed" come from the eagle's ability to pick out prey, even if they try to hide themselves. Let's train ourselves to be "eagle-eyed" in art! Observation is the name of the game.

      What you will be learning:
      1. the use of the basic straight single strokes
      2. the use of the basic curves strokes
      3. When to use cross-hatching
      4. How to show dark shadows, medium shadows and very light areas.
      5. How to draw basic feathers.
      6. Where to go into detail and where not to.
      7. How to vignette so as to not end abruptly.

      This is the sketch you will complete in this class:

      how to sketch a golden eagle in pen and ink

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