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How to Scratchboard Animals

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  • How to Scratchboard Animals

    • scratchboard animal drawing course

      In this 3 week course you will learn the amazing craft of drawing animals on scratchboard.

      Scratchboard is an etching technique where you scratch out the image from a board which has a black India Ink coating.

      The technique may seem hard when you first look at the immaculate detail that is achieved with scratchboarding, but it is actually a fun and rewarding art form.

      If you enjoy creating artworks that look like you can see every last detail and hair, then scratchboard drawing is just what you have been looking for.

      It is no more difficult that pencil drawing or pen and ink drawing, but the results you achieve have a lot of impact.

      This course is perfect for artists who have a little drawing experience, but have never used scratchboard before. If you are comfortable shading a ball in pencil, then you will be able to scratchboard.

      Week 1

      During week 1 of the course you will learn what equipment you need in order to get started with the course.

      You will then start off with a quick silhouette drawing of a cat in order to get a feel for scratchboard drawing.

      We then take our cat drawing skills to the next level by learning how to draw a close up cat portrait.

      These are the two scratchboard drawings you will complete in week 1:

      how to draw a cat in silhoette with scratchboard

      how to draw a realistic cat with scratchboard

      Week 2

      During week two of the course you will learn how to draw a beautiful owl. In this class you will expand your knowledge from the previous week by learning to work with a variety of tools.

      This is what the scratchboard drawing looks like:

      scratchboard owl drawing tutorial

      Week 3

      In the final week of the course you will learn how to  spot small changes in tonal value as well as create various different textures on the scratchboard.

      This week we will draw a cute little dog, which is sure to astonish your friends and family who will not believe you are able to create artworks with such detail.

      This is what the dog will look like once complete:

      dog scratchboard drawing tutorial

      I hope you will join me over the next three weeks as I show you how easy and fun scratchboard drawing is.

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