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How to Paint Trees - Full Series

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  • How to Paint Trees - Full Series

    • how to paint effective trees full series  watercolour

      Being able to paint trees properly is essential if you enjoy painting landscapes.

      In this 4 part series I will show how to do just that by painting a series of trees at different times of the year. During the course you will learn :

      1) When to add lot's of detail to the trees and when to simply suggest the detail
      2) How to paint branches correctly
      3) How to make your trees look interesting by varying their shapes
      4) How to paint foliage during the four seasons, like how to paint snow laden trees, etc.
      5) How to create depth and distance even though there aren't many colours to work with
      6) How quickly create the effect of blossoms glittering in the sunlight
      7) How you can use the shadows cast by the trees to add extra sunlight and depth to your landscapes
      8) too much to mention here...

      Get instant access to all four classes (8 hours worth of video instruction) plus free access to the pdf handouts and templates for each class.


      Winter trees


      Summer trees


      Spring trees


      Autumn trees

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