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How to paint a Fly Fisherman

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  • How to paint a Fly Fisherman

    • how to paint a fly fisherman and river in acrylic

      Fly-fishing is a game of skill coupled with tremendous patience. Skill, in knowing what food the fish are eating and then sorting out which fly or flies to use for the occasion. In this painting we will capture the tranquility of the scene and the beauty of the surroundings.

      In this  lesson you will learn:

      1.  How to brighten up a dull photograph.
      2.  How to change the colour of the water and liven it up a bit. 
      3.  How to change the colour of the clothing to enhance the focal point. 
      4.  How to add the thin fishing rod and line.

      This is the painting you will complete in class:

      how to paint a figure and water in acrylic

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