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How to paint a classic still life

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  • How to paint a classic still life

    • The Old Masters are known for painting beautifully detailed, but highly posed still life paintings. In this class we will paint our own classic still life, just like the Old Masters used to.

      During this multi part class you will learn:

      Part 1

      1) How to paint hessian (burlap)
      2) How to paint the semi transparent glass of the wine bottle
      3) How to make the wine label look real without having to paint every single detail
      4) How to paint transparent glass

      Part 2

      1) How to paint cheese in various ways – Smooth cheese, blue cheese as well as cheese with holes
      2) How to paint pretzels
      3) How to paint wood
      4) How to create the illusion that you can see “underneath” the table

      Part 3

      1) How to paint bread
      2) How to paint grapes
      3) How to make the grapes look transparent and shiny
      4) How to correctly add shadows so that the painting looks real and has heaps of depth

      This is the painting you will complete is class:

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