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How to Mix Color

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  • How to Mix Color

    • color mixing lesson oil

      Suitable for beginners to advanced artists.

      The secrets of learning how to mix any color you want using easy steps and principles will be revealed in this class on colour mixing.

      After completion of this class you will be able to mix colours like a professional. You will never mix another batch of muddy paint again or waste piles of paint trying to match the correct color. From now on you will even be able to re-mix the same colour over and over again.

      Instantly unlock this one and a half hour class (recorded live on Paint Basket TV), and follow along from the comfort of your own home. Your tutor, Nolan Clark, will not only explain and demonstrate all the concepts and techniques required for colour mixing in an easy to follow step by step manner, but he also answered questions and gave feedback along the way.

      As part of the “Colour mixing” class you will also get access to download a comprehensive 34 page presentation of:
      1.    Basics of a colour wheel
      2.    Creating dimension in your paintings
      3.    How to mix colour the correct way
      4.    Heaps of useful explanations and exercises and much more...

      At the end of this class you will understand colour components and know how to mix color like a professional.

      Some of the colour mixing questions Nolan answered were:
      1.    How to paint using black
      2.    How to mix brown paint
      3.    How to remix the same colour again in watercolour.
      4.    How to mix lilac
      5.    How to create colour perspective (aerial or atmospheric perspective) in your paintings
      6.    How to mix skin tones and heaps more

      In this comprehensive colour mixing class you will learn:
      1.    The components of colour (Hue, Value and Chroma)
      2.    How your eye sees colour, including how to mix black.
      3.    Primary and secondary colours that make up the colour wheel.
      4.    How to use the colour wheel to match a paint colour.
      5.    The colour mixing rules that are used to mix highlight and shadow colours.
      6.    How to create dimension / depth in your paintings using the colour mixing rules.

      If you have always wished you could learn the secrets the professionals use for perfect colour mixing like then this is your opportunity to learn how to do just that in the comfort of your own home!

      Take a look at what others are saying about this class:
      Tony – “I am intending on recapping this video over and over again in the future”
      Maryna – “Never knew the basic principles of colour mixing, this was an excellent step by step course.”
      Artluck – “I am very impressed also with the colour buster tool you used in your video.”

      You too can learn how to easily mix colours like a professional!

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