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How to draw noses

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  • How to draw noses

    • how to draw pencil portrait_noses

      In part 2 of the pencil portrait course is all about drawing noses.

      We will learn how to draw noses that actually look like they are standing up off the paper.

      Learn how to create the textures of the nose and how to deal with noses of different ages

      For this class you will need:

      1) Set of pencils
      2) Soft Eraser
      3) Kneaded Eraser
      4) Sheet of drawing paper

      Step 1: Outlines

      draw in the main lines of the nose

      Layout the lines for the nose; you can make this drawing as large as you like, making it easier to follow and do the work. Draw these lines very lightly.

      Step 2: Basic Shading

      add a basic shading to the nose

      Add a light shading to the nose to start establishing the different angles of the nose. This will give you a feel for what goes where.

      Step 3: Shade the Nostrils

      draw in the nostrils

      Seek out the cast shadows under the nose and darken the nostril holes. This will lift the nose up off the face.

      Step 4: Draw in the left side of the nose

      draw in the left side of the nose

      Shade in the left side of the nose. Look out for small changes in tonal value as well as lost and found lines.

      Step 5: Add the right hand nostril wing

      draw in the right nostril

      Draw in the right hand nostril wing. The sun is from the right hand side, so look carefully at the different tonal values.

      Step 6: Root of the Nose

      add the root of the nose

      Draw in the root of the nose and start to establish the areas around the eye and forehead. This area is used to make the nose protrude from the face.

      Step 7: Highlights

      Complete the nose by lifting out the highlights with your eraser

      Just as your nose leads your face so the drawn nose has to appear to stand out in three dimensions on the paper. As you subtly shade around the nose step back and look at what you are doing. This will give a better overall view of the effect.

      how to draw nose in pencil drawing tutorial

      You can get access to the two hour video of this class which will explain in a lot more detail what to look out for when drawing the nose as well as show you step by step how to draw the nose from the front as well as from the side.

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