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How to draw mouths

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  • How to draw mouths

    • how to draw pencil portrait_mouths

      In part 3 of the pencil portrait course we will learn how to draw mouths.

      During the class you will learn:

      1) How to draw lips
      2) how to draw teeth

      For this class you will need :

      1) Sheet of drawing paper
      2) Set of pencils
      3) Kneaded Eraser
      4) Soft Eraser

      Step1 : Draw in the basic lines

      draw the outlines of the mouth

      Look out for hard edges as these are the lines you want to draw in. After laying out the lines from the template begin by shading the upper lip. All you want is to lay down the lightest tonal value, no features.

      Step 2: Shade the Nasolabial line

      shade the nasolabial line

      Darken the nasolabial line which runs from the base of the nose to the end of the mouth. Be careful in this area, most lines are lost.

      Step 3: Shade in the nose

      draw in the nose

      Don't try to add too much detail on the nose as the main aim of this drawing is to draw the mouth. Just add eough detail to show the nose is there.

      Step 4 : Shade the Upper Lip

      draw the upper lip

      Continue shading around the upper lip, fading away from the darkened nasolabial line.

      Step 5 : Add shading to the bottom lip

      shade the lower lip area

      Work round the right side of the mouth and then lightly shade around the bottom lip to bring out the contours round the mouth.

      Step 6 : Shade in the teeth

      draw the teeth

      Note the tonal differences between the top teeth and the lower lip then begin shading the teeth.

      Step 7 : Draw the lips

      draw the lips

      Draw in the lips taking care to get their shape correct as well as their tie in to the upper and lower lip.

      Step 8 : Add highlights to the teeth

      highlight the teeth

      Lift highlights on the teeth and add lines to the lips.

      Step 9 : Make Final Adjustments

      Step back from your drawing and consider the whole; are the shading values right? Does everything match? Adjust if necessary.

      This is the completed mouth drawing:

      how to draw a mouth for a portrait

      You can get access to the full 2 hour video tutorial by clicking below.

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