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How to Draw Dogs Course

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  • How to Draw Dogs Course

    • draw dogs course pencil

      Join Nolan Clark on a 3 week pencil drawing course during which you will learn how to draw realistic dogs.

      The course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced artists.

      In this course nothing is left to the imagination. Every single part of the drawings are explained in an easy to follow step by step manner.

      Starting from an easy to draw dog, we gradually build up our knowledge and skills so that by the end of the course you will be able and confident enough to draw ANY dog.

      During the course you will learn :

      1) How to draw dog Eyes that are alive and show expression and personality
      2) How to draw dog Ears that are soft and fluffy
      3) How to draw dog Noses that are textured and look wet and happy
      4) How to draw the Mouth and Teeth and Tonugue of a dog.

      All the different shades and types of hair are covered:

      1) How to draw light haired dogs
      2) How to draw dark hair dogs
      3) How to draw short hair dogs
      4) How to draw long hair dogs

      Along the way Nolan shows you the "Insider Secrets" that professional artists use to get their dog drawings to look just like the actual pet, including the likeness and personality of the dog.

      This will allow you to not only amaze your friends and family with your dog drawing skills, but also take on paid commissioned drawings of other people's dogs.

      There is over 12 hours of HD step by step drawing instruction videos in this course plus full size reference photos for you to work from.

      Each week a new set of lessons will open. Once open you can watch the lessons as often as you like.


      During the 3 week course you will complete these drawings :

      How to draw dogs step by step

      How to draw realistic dogs

      how to draw dogs


      Not convinced yet? Take a look at what other are saying about the course :


      "even if I say so myself, I was shocked at what I produced. I was just so excited to see what I could do with just a few lessons given by Nolan. I highly recommend taking this course for you will be so glad that you did.  Believe me. I have learned things I never knew and was flabberghasted/excited/ecstatically happy all rolled up in one."


      "Nolan, I find it fascinating watching how you draw the dog.... I am only up to the hair detail, but I've never seen anyone draw quite like this before."


      "Hi Nolan just wanted to say that the dog pencil course is just out
      of this world it's a Fabulous course thank you so much for doing it
      you have so much patience"


      "Nolan's course is fantastic it must be the best on the web and cheap as chips"


      "I have just finished watching the first 8 lessons of Drawing Dogs and I just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!!!  Because I am a beginner, I so enjoyed the format as everything was spelt out and explained so clearly and explicitly. Nolan, I take my  :urwelcome:  to you for creating such a wonderful teaching video."


      "this course is so very very good. Nolan explains everything in detail"

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