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How to draw an elephant in pen and ink

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  • How to draw an elephant in pen and ink

    • how to draw elephant pen and ink

      The African Elehant is the largest land mamal and the Indian Elephant is just slightly smaller. The African elephant is distinguished by it's large ears while the Indian elephant has much smaller ears.

      Many people do not realize just how large they really are until they are next to one of them. In the wild one has to be very wary of them as they can look very docile, but can sudddenly charge without any warning as I once experienced, in Hwange Game reserve in Zimbabwe, many years ago - and my landrover was a very slow moving and heavily laden vehicle with camping gear and provisions. - no joke with him screaming and trumpeting just behind you in your ear.

      This one was by the side of the road in Umfolozi Game Reserve and fortunately was tolerant of us.

      In this lesson you will learn how to:
      1.  use and see the tonal ranges
      2.  use cross-hatching to effectively show the rounding as well as the shadows.
      3. use the "squiggles" for the grass and small shrubs 
      4. indicate texture. 

      You will complete this sketch during the class:

      how to sketch an elephant in pen and ink

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