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How to draw a rose in pen and ink

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  • How to draw a rose in pen and ink

    • how to draw rose pen and ink

      AH! Roses. Since the beginning of time Roses have been connected and associated with Romance. The Ladies are always delighted to receive a bunch of roses.

      Most gardens have a least one rose bush. Much has been written about roses. Many songs and poems have been, and are, based on roses. The song, "Roses are red, my love" by the late Jim Reeves comes to mind.

      Roses have often been used in Heraldry (Coat of Arms).  

      So come with me as we draw a lovely orange rose.

      What you will learn:
      1. When not to use the formal regimented strokes
      2. How to use the strokes in a vey sketchy way
      3. How to use the curved strokes to indicate the curvature of the petals 
      4. How to use the strokes in the highlight areas
      5. How to draw water drops
      6. How to "lift" the one petal above the lower one 

      This is the drawing we will complete in the class:

      how to sketch a rose in pen and ink with Dennis Clark

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