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How to draw a farmhouse in pen and ink

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  • How to draw a farmhouse in pen and ink

    • how to draw a house pen and ink

      For centuries pen and ink has been the mainstay of all architects. Many of these architectural drawings are still preserved in museums and in other institutions. Here began the art of pen and wash illustrations. I personally have seen and admired these ancient drawings.

      Pen and Ink is the most wonderful way of illustrating pictures as it will always give the most crisp reproduction in any book or magazine. In 1949, while still at school, I was asked to produce an Illuminated Parchment, including calligraphy, from the mayor of our town, for the inaugaration of the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. It also included sketches in pen and ink.

      Who knows, maybe after you have taken the course in pen and ink drawing, you may also be approached for illustrations in books etc. It is not impossible - we don't always know what's in store for us in the future. 

      What you will be learning:
       1. 3 different methods of drawing trees and bushes
       2. The use of the dash-dot-dash method
       3. When to use straight lines
       4. How to shaw the tonal ranges
       5. When to use cross-hatching
       6. Drawing masonry. 

      Here is the drawing you will complete during the class:

      how to sketch a house in pen and ink with Dennis Clark

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