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How to draw a Cheetah in Pen and Ink

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  • How to draw a Cheetah in Pen and Ink

    • how to draw a cheetah pen and ink

      The cheetah is an endangered species and is also the fastest land animal and it's sleek and slender body is built for speed. It is actually a sprinter and is unable to sustain this speed for any great distance, so it has to make sure that its prey is close enough for a kill.

      It is often mistaken for a leopard which is, in fact, is a much larger animal with a larger head as well. The main distinction between the two are the black "tear drops" on the cheetah which run down from the eyes to the side of the mouth. The leopard does not have this.

      In this lesson we will learn:
      1. How to brighten up a drawing from a photograph taken in shade.
      2.Separate the eye which is in deep shade.
      3. How to follow the lay of the hair
      4.How to add shading with an extra fine nib.

      Here is the drawing you will complete during class:

      how to draw animals in pen and ink - cheetah

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