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How to create tone with pen and ink

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  • How to create tone with pen and ink

    • tonal ranges pen and ink

      Because the system of tonal ranges is one of the most important aspects of pen and ink it is imperative that you grasp this principle as soon as possible. On it hangs the quality of your work. Remember, you cannot have a bright light without the accompaning dark shadows. 

      The strength of the light determines the darkness of the shadow. This means that one has to be able to produce an object or objects in all the ranges from almost white to the darkest dark and this with a totally black ink. Quite a challenge, eh? Bear with me and I will show you just how this is possible.

      Using what we have learned in the previous lesson, we will produce some tonal charts using the strokes we practiced. Using just these few strokes and tonal charts you will be able to produce excellent works of art.

      During the class we will learn:

      How to depict tonal ranges in 4 different styles
       1. by using vertical lines only
       2. by vertical lines, then adding horizontal lines, and finally by adding diagonal lines.
       3.  by different densities of squiggles - yes squiggles!
       4. by a series of very short vertical strokes.

      Then we will draw a very rough sketch by using some of what we have just learned.
      how to create tonal ranges in pen and ink

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