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From Watercolour to Oils

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  • From Watercolour to Oils

    • how to paint from watercolour to oil

      This Lesson will be an extraordinary one as far as watercolour goes. WHY? I was asked the question if it was possible to paint-a-long in oils while I am demonstrating in watercolours.

      Technically it is very difficult so I decided to re-paint Lesson #33 in oils and tell and show just why it is so. I will explain most of the major differences between the two mediums.

      Each medium is just as easy and each just as difficult - depending what you have made up in your mind:-) There is so much mis-information about this statement in books and in the public's mind's.

      If you say it will be easy or it will be difficult - you are right either way!!

      Remember, the reverse is also true - you can easily take a watercolour painting and render it it oils.

      strelitzia oil

      Demonstration Oil Painting

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