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Advanced Watercolour Flower Painting Secrets

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  • Advanced Watercolour Flower Painting Secrets

    • advanced flower painting secrets course

      Have you ever looked at other artist's paintings of flowers and wished that you could paint like them?

      You've tried, but just could not get the quality that they produce. What's their secret? How do they do it? You have books in your private library that have wonderful paintings of flowers in all different styles. You've got some of them right, but those realistic ones with the WOW factor just seem to be beyond your reach.

      Well, not any more! Let me take you by the hand into my studio and look over my shoulder as I show you just how I paint them. Let me show you the steps I take and the methods I use to produce the paintings you see in this course.

      This course is produced primarily for artists who have some experience, but that does not stop the beginner, who is keen, and has the gift of patience, from joining in.

      I have chosen 4 different types of flowers that need different techniques – techniques that when you master them you will be able to use with virtually any other types of flowers.

      Excited! Great! I will only be too glad for you to join me in my studio.
      I'm waiting at the door to welcome you in.

      During the course you will complete these paintings:

      how to paint realistic fuschias in watercolor
      Week 1 (immediately) - Fuschias

      advanced watercolor painting course - how to paint foxgloves
      Week 2 - Foxgloves

      realistic watercolor flower painting tutorial - rose
      Week 3 - Pink Rose

      how to paint anthuriums in watercolor
      Week 4 - Anthuriums

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