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Abandoned Car in Oil

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  • Abandoned Car in Oil

    • how to paint abandoned car oil

      In this lesson, master artist Nolan Clark will lead you through the step-by-step oil painting process to the completion of an abandoned fire truck.  This particular lesson includes not-often seen instruction in accurately painting rust, lettering, and peeling paint.

      During the class you will learn:

      1) How to create a rusty effect
      2) How to show the lettering on the car is weathered
      3) How to get the reflection in the window
      4) and heaps more tricks for making objects look old

      For this painting you will need:

      1) Our recommended set of oil paint colours
      2) Set of bristle brushes
      3) Fine liner brush
      4) Painting medium
      5) 16 x 20 inch canvas

      Step 1 - Planning the painting

      painting a rusty car planning

      Nolan explains the reasons for his color choices based on an understanding of how the paint has faded over the years.

      Step 2 - Pre-painting Overview

      painting abandoned wreck pre painting work

      Nolan breaks the painting down to manageable sections.  He points out particular areas that will need special mixes of color such as on the windscreen which has dust, reflections, and other variations in color.  He shares his personal formulas for creating a faded color and for mixing a rust color.

      Step 3 - Color Mixing

      mixing the colours for the rusty car painting

      Nolan mixes the basic color in a faded hue, then adds other colors to create highlights and shadowed areas.

      Step 4 - Painting the Door

      painting the door of the rusty car

      In painting the door, Nolan shows the steps necessary to simulate the layering of colors that create the lettering and detailing on the door. He shares techniques of applying paint to create the blotched effects of fading.  He also shows how to paint the chrome and dark metal pieces.

      Step 5 - Paint the Door Signage

      paint the sign on the door

      Nolan uses an interesting technique to create the lettering and shows how to achieve a weathered look on the letters.

      Step 6 - Painting the Side Panel of the car

      paint the rust of the side panel of the car

      The side panel presents more challenges as the paint is badly faded.  Nolan shows which colors to use and at what intensity to create the various shades of fading, rusting, and corrroding.

      Step 7 - Paint the Hood

      paint the rust on the hood of the car

      The hood poses the greatest challenge in that the paint is badly peeling.  Nolan demonstrates the proper brush strokes, contouring, and contrasts to simulate the look of peeling.

      Step 8 - Complete the painting

      how to paint weathered car in oil painting

      BONUS: Learn how to accurately paint areas on a faded object where there might have been less sunlight hitting the object, so therefore less fading.

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