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  20 Apr 2014 21h00 to 23h00
  • Rocks at Beach in Pastels

    • rocks in pastels

      There are many places where one can look up and down the beach and there is not a rock in sight - in the sea or even anywhere for that matter - not a rocky hill or mountain. Also, the only defense you have is to throw sand in the eyes of your opponent. Not a stone to throw at a dog!

      Rocks along the beach and surf are often challenging -  but  not so much as when you have a large mountain in the view you want to paint or draw. There are so many light and dark patches and hollows and juttings that it makes on dizzy just to contemplate painting them.

      Don't panic - because in this lesson you will learn how to: 
      1. Take time to observe
      2. What to put in and what to leave out
      3. How to simplify what you see
      4. How to brighten up a dull even looking painting

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Soft Pastel US$9.00
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