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Title: Drip Method Experiment
Post by: linley.plester on September 04, 2017, 07:20:21 PM
This was an experiment on 2 levels.
(a) I coated some of my awfulest low quality watercolour paper with DS watercolour ground. This is usually used to prepare canvas or other non-paper substrates for watercolour. I was hoping that it might make the paper behave a little better. The result is a cautious...yes.
(b) The fun bit ...  I cleaned up some of the old colours on my palette by mixing them with lots of water and applying them very wet in blotches along the top of the page I then added even more water and let them run in drips down the page. I then painted in another colour below but touching the first one and let it run, and then another colour and so on. I then turn the page upside down and did the same thing so the drips from the former bottom of the page intermingled with the other drips from the top. The result is above. I love it and hope to use this page for another painting, and I'm sold on the technique for adding interesting backgrounds. A bit of light relief from Einstein.
Title: Re: Drip Method Experiment
Post by: mea hamo pena on September 04, 2017, 09:05:08 PM
Fun experiment, Linley.  Great way to use up "awful" paint.  I have a palette full so will try this, too.