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Coffee Cup - Cross Hatching
 I wasn't too happy with this one. First, I tried drawing the cup freehand, but I just couldn't get the cup handle right. So I did a copy of the picture by tracing. Then I started with a 4B pencil (you can see the darker lines) and switched over to a 2B. Then I switched to a 2B 0.5mm mechanical penc…
 Views: 75293
Posted by JimBoZo
Jan 14, 2013
in Pencil Drawing Course
Teddy Bear - Cross Hatching
 This little guy was fun to do. Obviously, I included his stripped jersey, as I thought that it made him more interesting and more of a challenge. I also found that doing very much smaller lines for the cross hatching allowed greater control and a better detailed appearance. I kind of discovered tha…
 Views: 13070
Posted by JimBoZo
Jan 20, 2013
in Pencil Drawing Course
House in Two Point Perspective
 Views: 11766
Posted by CBusche
Jan 28, 2013
in Let's Draw
16830 Zombie me
 Views: 11051
Posted by nolan
Oct 23, 2015
in Miscellaneo­us
 Views: 10781
Posted by SPencheva
Nov 29, 2013
in Monthly Challenge

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Warsaw skyline
 Views: 134
Posted by Aniz Oniro
Jul 23, 2015
in year 2015
Reference Photo
 Views: 67
Posted by Neil Todd
Oct 10, 2017
in Classes
Green chart 2
 Views: 109
Posted by doina
Aug 25, 2013
in miscellaneo­u­s
Sather Gate Photo
 Views: 247
Posted by Sacgal/Sharon
Mar 11, 2015
in Sharon's watercolor paintings
final adjustments
 Views: 199
Posted by wshortstuff
Feb 17, 2014
in farm house

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