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Water Reflections Part 2
 Views: 112
Posted by Sacgal/Sharon
Jul 25, 2013
in Sharon's watercolor paintings
water scene
 Views: 29
Posted by Tracey de Klerk
Sep 01, 2015
in water scene
Water soluable Pastel Pencils  Faber Castell 36-piece set
 Views: 79
Posted by mea hamo pena
Jan 22, 2018
Water town in spring
Oil painting completed in June 2015
 Views: 56
Posted by Alice Huang
Aug 12, 2015
in Alice's Oil Painting
Water Two
 Views: 72
Posted by patindaytona
Jan 22, 2014
in Abstract

Random Items

 Views: 274
Posted by njnjgirl
May 12, 2014
in watercolor paintings
 Views: 56
Posted by azbutterfly
Feb 28, 2013
in Let's Draw
Hi Guys

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. My contract in the Middle East finished this month and I'm heading downunder again. I'm tossing up whether to return to Australia or head home to NZ. The good thing is with this temporary interlude I have time to paint. Last year on vacation I spent…
 Views: 92
Posted by bruce johnson
May 07, 2017
in Portraits by Bruce Johnson
IMG 2329
 Views: 49
Posted by patindaytona
Mar 10, 2014
in Abstract
Oil Test - Red  - After 6 weeks
 Views: 152
Posted by mea hamo pena
Jul 16, 2015
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