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Pestle & Mortar (Oil)
2nd attempt at an oil painting.
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Posted by Chrisanne
Jan 01, 2000
in Various
Lisa del Giocondo
This is a monochrome study of Leonardo's famous lady. I often do quick sketches like this to keep drawing up to par.. it also keeps my painting free and loose. <br /><br />This is oil, Transparent Red Oxide. The background wash is TRO with Art Spectrum Green Light. This was gives the impression of a…
 Views: 175
Posted by bruce johnson
Jan 01, 2002
in Portraits by Bruce Johnson
Diamond head
View from the top
 Views: 167
Posted by scouserl41
May 08, 2002
in Photos
Dillingham below
Behind the towplane in Hawaii
 Views: 101
Posted by scouserl41
May 09, 2002
in Photos
African ufo painting
 Views: 971
Posted by nolan
Jan 01, 2003
in UFO (Unfinished Objects) Paint…

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Tosha and Tank-Painting
This is the painting. I need some help on the finishing this. Hope that you can see both the photo and the painting itself in the post. Thank you so much!
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Posted by Tara Lea
Nov 12, 2015
in Tosha and Tank
Class 4 #1
The "little people have to go or the wave next to them has to be major redo :blush:
 Views: 145
Posted by eftpower1
Mar 04, 2012
in Brian's watercolors
I've tried painting this one 3 or possibly 4 times already. I've gotten last one out many times over the course of a few years to try and make it better, which didn't happen.
I'm going to try it again. A much larger one..   18 x 24"
I feel strongly that i can do a much better job this time with more…
 Views: 118
Posted by patindaytona
Apr 15, 2017
in Abstract
Liz's Pen and Ink Drawings
Tonal Exercise
 Views: 185
Posted by liz
Dec 12, 2015
in Art by Liz
Water Lilies
Water Lilies
 Views: 85
Posted by Louisa Rautenbach
Jun 12, 2015
in Water colour
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