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Julie hair 2
 Views: 127
Apr 18, 2006
Julie hair 1
 Views: 112
Apr 17, 2006
Julie Skin tone 2
 Views: 127
Apr 17, 2006
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Julie skin tone 1
 Views: 134
 Comments: 1
Apr 17, 2006
Julie underpainting
 I lay a base yellow wash as the base, this gives the skin a glow
 Views: 110
Apr 29, 2008
Julie line sketch
Stage one is the line drawing. With watercolour I spend a lot of time getting the line drawing as accurate as I can. Its to late to try and adjust it once I have started painting.
 Views: 124
Apr 17, 2006
Julie Preliminary graphite drawing
I often do a preliminary drawing to familiarise myself with the tonal values of the portrait
 Views: 145
Apr 16, 2006
Julie Ref
These images follow the stages of how I paint a watercolour portrait <br /><br />THis is the reference image
 Views: 111
Feb 18, 2005
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Tom from life
I a couple ofyears ago I attended a pastel workshop presented by International portrait artist Larry Blovitts. He was amazing. During the workshop we painted the portrait of Tom, a professional model with huge beard. <br /><br />Painted in pastel<br /><br />20 x 16 Mi Teintes pastel paper<br /><br /…
 Views: 320
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Jan 05, 2012
Lisa del Giocondo
This is a monochrome study of Leonardo's famous lady. I often do quick sketches like this to keep drawing up to par.. it also keeps my painting free and loose. <br /><br />This is oil, Transparent Red Oxide. The background wash is TRO with Art Spectrum Green Light. This was gives the impression of a…
 Views: 172
Dec 31, 2001
Rembrandt Sudy
 Views: 239
 Rating: 4.98
Jan 03, 2012
Rosemary is an amazing artist from a portrait class I used to attend in Melbourne. <br />One Saturday morning the model failed to show so Rosemary volunteered to pose for our group. The theme was medieval and Rosemary wore a veil over hair. Because we were late getting started I only had time to ske…
 Views: 147
Jun 07, 2007
Fire in the Sky
A change from portraits
 Views: 409
Jan 03, 2012
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I was a guest artist on another site and painted Imogen as a challenge/tutorial for other&nbsp; artists to join in and have some fun. My goal was to retain the age of the baby in the study which can be difficult if the proportions aren't correct. Its so easy to make them look older. <br />20 x 16 on…
 Views: 334
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 Rating: 4.98
Dec 31, 2011
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