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winter trees
 Views: 217
 Comments: 1
Posted by jennylynn
Jun 25, 2012
in watercolour
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Church with coloured mat
 Views: 153
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Posted by Karen
Jun 24, 2012
in Acrylic paintings- general
Class 21 summer trees, re-scaned!
 Views: 155
Posted by eftpower1
Jun 24, 2012
in Brian's watercolors
Class 21 summer trees
 Views: 130
Posted by eftpower1
Jun 24, 2012
in Brian's watercolors
A Different Watercolor Application
Lillian - I'm sorry that I didn't reply sooner but I just saw your post re the rice paper earrings and yes, they certainly are captivating with their lovely transparency.  If I can ever find the ones I've done, I'll show them to you...They're much easier than watercolor ones and less time consu…
 Views: 124
Posted by Rkymtnmary
Jun 18, 2012
in Watercolors

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Pencil class long haired dog
 Views: 157
Posted by Lisa gale
Feb 14, 2015
in Pencil classes
Daffodils 1
 Views: 144
Posted by dragonmiroff
Feb 06, 2016
in Classes
The Pond
 Views: 152
Posted by njnjgirl
Jan 08, 2017
in watercolor paintings
 Views: 70
Posted by Tezza1258
Jan 02, 2016
in Portraits
Drawing Challenge-Landscape
 Views: 154
Posted by Sarah (arch)
Mar 06, 2013
in Photographs
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