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Hibiscus in Iridescent Paint with India Ink Wash 2017 posted by mea hamo pena in BLACK PAPER Today at 10:28:02 AM 11
Door guard in Bali-  photo posted by Gita in Travel impressions Today at 10:02:08 AM 13
Apple in Pastel posted by Maria Canino in Watercolor Today at 08:34:35 AM 3
My first ever pastel work.  Lesson learned: use a sheet of paper to rest my hand  to avoid smudging  the background.
Baptism posted by BeaSue in Susan's Watercolor Paintings Today at 06:24:23 AM 25
Blue Gum Trees in Forest posted by Bill76434 in My watercolour­s December 15, 2017, 09:17:23 PM 77

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Koi fish final posted by Maryna in Paintings May 10, 2011, 02:22:48 PM 213
Fuschia posted by Steve Weatherwax in Steve's Drawings March 28, 2016, 07:31:32 AM 156
Kitty cat posted by Iris Human in Iris's Paintings December 01, 2015, 04:55:43 AM 132
Peppers in a Bowl posted by Sacgal/Sharon in Sharon's watercolor paintings October 09, 2015, 02:20:43 PM 95
Progress 3 posted by scouserl41 in My Paintings March 30, 2017, 07:30:00 AM 68

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In A pair of blue eyes By Bill76434 Dec 14, 2017
In Tiffany By Bill76434 Dec 12, 2017
In Early in the morning By Bill76434 Dec 12, 2017
In Flushed with anger By Bill76434 Dec 07, 2017
In Boat Sketch By Bill76434 Dec 01, 2017
In Sailing (Watercolors) By Bill76434 Nov 30, 2017

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