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Garden Iris reference photo
 Views: 24
Posted by Denise808
Apr 22, 2018
in Photos
Garden Iris
 Views: 29
Posted by Denise808
Apr 22, 2018
in Non Lesson WC
Cannas - Lesson by Dennis
 Views: 28
Posted by robynann
Apr 21, 2018
in Pastels
First attempt at scenery
 Views: 26
Posted by DJohnson
Apr 20, 2018
in Dayna's Pics
Abandoned Boat
 Views: 39
Posted by njnjgirl
Apr 20, 2018
in watercolor paintings

Random Items

Lost Love
 Views: 667
Posted by BeaSue
Feb 08, 2015
in Susan's Watercolor Paintings
Finally figured out how to do veils and sheer items of clothes! wooohooo!! I need to work more on her neck and then I'll call it finished
 Views: 143
Posted by robynann
Dec 17, 2016
in Oils
Flowers in a pot
I am starting to like dabbing colours every now and then... and experimenting....
 Views: 106
Posted by Gita
Jul 25, 2017
in Water colour
Old Wood and Plaster
 Views: 137
Posted by NHC50
Oct 31, 2012
in Nina's artwork
Liz and MEA at Big City Diner
 Views: 297
Posted by mea hamo pena
Feb 17, 2016
in Art Stuff
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