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How to Create the Perfect Painting

Get Instant Access to our "How to Create the Perfect Painting" art course...FREE

In this 12 part course, with over 2 hours of video and 87 pages of course notes, you will learn about:
  • Color mixing and perspective
  • The 5 steps required to create the perfect painting
  • The best methods to transfer your artwork
  • Framing and displaying your paintings
  • Includes access to our forum so you can ask questions, etc.
  • and much much more.

An essential course for all artists, no matter what medium you paint in or your level of experience.

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Take a closer look at what's inside the course :

Course Overview

Video Snippet

That's 87 pages of course material in pdf format PLUS over 2 hours of video

What's more, by becoming a member of our site you ALSO get access to :

  • All our free tutorials (Pencil, pastel, oils, watercolour, the works)
  • Access to our members only forum which has heaps of tips and tricks posted
  • You get to chat with fellow artists
  • Discounts on all our paid courses and DVD's
  • Get feedback from our tutors about your latest artworks
  • the list never ends....

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Our members receive free art classes, the ability to chat with other members as well as post your artworks for feedback from our tutors.

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