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Color Mixing DVD Review

Mastering Color by Richard Robinson

Reviewed by Nolan Clark

Color Mixing Lesson DVD

We've just bought a DVD from a very good artist friend of ours called Richard Robinson and I thought I would share it with you because it's really a superb DVD.

We all battle to mix our colours and are constantly mixing muddy colours. Even the tutors at The Paint Basket are always on the lookout for new and better ways to mix our colours and make sure we can get them just right. More importantly we want our all the colors we have mixed for our painting to work together in harmony.

Richard has just spend a whole year researching and making this DVD and I must admit we are really excited about it.

The DVD has been broken up into 8 lessons :

  • Color Theory
  • Seeing Color
  • Describing Colour
  • Value of color
  • Mixing Color
  • Manipulating Colour
  • Colour Harmony and
  • Light Effects

Each section is very well explained and where relevant Richard has included many practical demonstrations and exercises which you can do yourself to practice the new skills and techniques he has taught you.

You are taken through a short amount of colour theory history into the different colour wheels available and the components of color in chapter one. Then Richard teaches you how to see colours correctly and how to compare your colours to other colours. He also shows how to create a value scale so you can use it to check the tonal value of the colours you are mixing. He then moves on to show how you can manipulate the colours you have mixed to create new ones and get different color effects in your paintings.

Then you are shown various methods on how to create colour harmony in your painting so that all the colours used in your painting work together to create a flowing unity. Lastly he shows you his secret to creating paintings that radiate with infused light by revealing his light effects secrets.

Included on the DVD is a 240 page manual with course notes and cutouts used throughout the DVD. A very nice addition and supplement to the videos.

As an added bonus Richard has also included his Ultimate Painters Tool which you can print out and use. A very handy tool which you will use every day.

Throughout, the video is of very high quality - you see that Richard spent a year on the video, from the content to the editing, everything is almost perfect.

Paint Basket Rating : 10/10 (Must have)

You can view the first chapter of the DVD by clicking the link below :

Color Mixing Lesson DVD

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