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Composition Made Easy Product Info

Solution The Composition Made Easy DVD, presented by Dennis, teaches the customer all about the different types of composition that are possible in a painting.

This is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, rules of art. The Composition Made Easy DVD shows 17 different types of composition, more than any other composition DVD on the market.

The DVD ships with a bonus DVD where Dennis analyses some of his own paintings, showing the viewer where he did things correct, and even where he make mistakes. He then also goes through the entire process of composing and painting a painting with the viewer. It is important to note that this demo does not show painting techniques, as the subject of the DVDs is composition.

The second DVD makes this great value as the customer is getting a double DVD set for the price of one.

The DVD is intended for artists of all abilities regardless of the medium they work in.

The base commission on this product is 45%
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