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Are there any products that don't pay commission?

Solution There is only one product that does not pay you a commission if somebody buys it and that is our loss leader product :

Discounted Perfect Painting DVD set

We use this to promote The Paint Basket and make no money on this when discounted, so unfortunately there is nothing to share on this product.

Thus if somebody buys the Perfect Painting DVD set using a discount voucher, you will NOT earn a commission on the sale. Sorry about that, but our system doesn't allow us to exclude this product from the Affiliate program when discounted at this stage.

If somebody buys the Perfect Painting DVD at full price, or the DOWNLOAD through your affiliate link you WILL be paid your commission, it is just the Perfect Painting DVD.

Feel free however to use the Perfect Painting DVD as your loss leader too in order to "lock" the user in as YOUR customer. That way any other products the user buys WILL earn you a commission.
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