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Join our affiliate program and start earning great commissions for referring our products to your visitors.
Every time one of your referrals purchases one of our products, you get paid top $$$, it's as easy as that!

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All you need to do to become an affiliate is to fill in the form below. We will then review your application.
Once approved you add the links, banners, videos, articles, etc. of the products you want to promote onto your website or blog.
We then pay you for each sale you refer directly into your Paypal account .

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Advantages of becoming a Paint Basket Affiliate

art related affiliate products

  • High Commissions - up to 70%
  • The Best Affiliate Tools
  • Affiliate Support Desk
  • Wide & Constantly Growing Range of Products to Promote
  • Get paid for all sales your referals make, not just the products you are promoting.

Making money with our products couldn't be easier. We provide you with the best tools available on the Net which you can use to promote our products. We provide you with all the links, images, banners, articles and social media tools you need to simply copy and paste the code into your website, blog or autoresponder sequence.

We operate on a incentivised commission structure, so the more sales you bring in, the more commission you make. Here are our commission structures :

Affiliate Group
Example Commission
Silver ($0-$1k in commission)
$47 sale * 45% product commission rate * multiplier = 45% commission = $21.15 to you
Gold ($1k-$5k in commission)
$47 sale * 45% product commission rate * multiplier = 50% commission = $23.50 to you
Platinum ($5k-$10k in commission)
$47 sale * 45% product commission rate * multiplier = 60% commission = $28.20 to you
Diamond ($10k+ in commission)
$47 sale * 45% product commission rate * multiplier = 70% commission = $32.90 to you

We have a wide and growing range of art related products to promote, from quick sale artist tools to dvds to full online courses. Something to suit every budget range.

We have full knowledge base of FAQs and articles to help our affiliates, even those that are new to affiliate marketing, plus a dedicated affiliate support desk to ensure you get the best possible support from our side.

When you send a visitor our way, our system remembers you sent them, so even if that visitor only buys a few weeks later and even if he/she buys a different product, you will still be credited for the sale. You can even just send visitors to our home page and get credit for any sales from those visitors. So you don't even need to sell to your visitors, you can simply send them our way to start earning money.

It couldn't be easier - all you need to do is click HERE to jump back to the form at the top of the page, fill it in and let's get the ball rolling.

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